About Virtustan

Virtustan – a virtual state created 29 november 2004 AD. At the moment we have no territory, no budget, no property. But there are people, and there is a king – the head of state (we have a monarchy, and Education). Despite the fact that we have a monarchy, we have the elements and anarchy and libertarianism, and communism. Stratification, however.

Virtustan yet unrecognized states of the real (but is recognized by many colleagues – the virtual state). In Virtustan double acting and second citizenship. You can be a citizen, for example, Estonia (or Ukraine or Russia) and at the same time a citizen Virtustan. This does not violate any Estonian or Virtustan laws and is not separatism. Conflict of interest has not yet been, but if any, they will be resolved to the mutual benefit and satisfaction. We are for peace and against war, and for the inviolability of borders (not because we consider the conditional line, referred to as the state borders, something sacred, but because any alteration of boundaries often ends the war and blood that we see, for example, Crimea and DNR)

We invented a millennial epic story, invent their own language (on the basis of “padonkafsky” dialect) and the religion (faith in saint Shushpanchik).

In addition, the popular in Virtustan such churches as the church copymizm, church FSM. However, we have materialists and atheists, communists, agnosty.

Sir Prool First, King of Virtustan

April 28, 2015, evening, Virtustan, Capital city, the Royal Palace

Translated from Russian text by Google Traslate

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